Former Student Leader Accuses Rep. Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis’ of Shielding Chief of Office Staff from Prosecution of Alleged Rape

Paynesville – A former student leader and a resident of Montserrado County District #4, Joseph Koikoi  has accused District #4 Representative, Rustonlyn Saucoco Dennis of compromising an alleged rape case involving her current chief of office staff, Edward Bobby Varney.

According to Koikoi, Representative Dennis used her influence to release Varney from the hands of the Liberia National Police; an act Koikoi has strongly condemned.

He has vowed to produce pieces of evidence in court to prove the chief of office staff guilty of the rape allegation levied against him.

At the same time, Koikoi is calling on the Ministry of Justice to rearrested Varney and put him on trial.

He is also calling on all civil society organizations, the Ministry of Gender and Children Protection and the media to join the campaign in calling for justice for the 16 years old rape survivor.

It can be recalled that Varney was accused of raping a 16- year old girl in Block B, Soul Clinic Community in 2019.

Responding to the allegation, Edward Bobby Varney, denied any wrong doing and challenged his accusers to provide pieces of evidence to prove him wrong.

He denied claims that his boss, Representative Dennis, was involved in his release; adding that the case was thrown out by the court because his accusers failed to provide evidence against him. Varney then accused Koikoi of being a paid agent that is on a mission to tarnish his hard earned character and bring the office of the lawmaker under public disrepute.

By Emmanuel Toe

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