Freeport FC 1-3 CeCe United: Ascendant Gibson Freeman Hits the Marc for CeCe United

Gibson Freeman celebrates with teammates after scoring his first goal to put his team in the lead

CeCe United held onto a mostly comfortable and vitally important 3-1 victory away to Freeport FC on Thursday evening at the Tusa Field in Gardnersville.

An end-to-end start at the open-air Tusa field reflected the importance of the game for both sides, with Freeport not afraid to try to put their visitors under pressure.
CeCe United settled into the half, though, and created chances aplenty which resulted in a 2-1 win for the visitor in the first half.

Gibson Freeman in the ninth minute had the ball in the back of the net beating goalkeeper Trokon Tenner to give Cece United the lead against his former side.

It was a summary of a frustrating forty-five minutes that saw Freeport FC struggling to finish their chances despite getting the equalizer in the twenty-two minutes through a head-up from Emmanuel Nimely that beat Cece United goalkeeper Alexander Torbo.

Darius Johnson forced a fantastic save on Alexander Torbo early on after getting the equalizer as Freeport ramped up the pressure on the visitors.

Cece United sat deeper and deeper but inevitably caved as Robin Kane Hney bombed forward and played a brilliant cross for Gibson Freeman to fire home his second to put CeCe United back in the lead for the second time in the forty-one minutes with just four minutes to the brake.

The home side carried an inconsistent threat after the restart, but CeCe United looked to have a third goal, as they clinched all three points in the final minute of normal time.

A counterattack worked perfectly for the visitors when midfielder Mason Goe collected the ball inside the eighteen-yard box and curled home the clincher to make it 3-1 for CeCe United.

The win moved CeCe United to eight positions one point ahead of LPRC Oilers on the fourteen teams’ log.

Meanwhile, Freeport FC remains in the red zone and will need some miracle results from being relegated to the Second Division.

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