Fulani Community Advocates for Equal Citizenship Rights and Fair Treatment

By Edwin Battaforyen

LIBERIA: A group of Fulani individuals in Liberia united under the banner of the “Campaign for Equal Citizenship in Liberia,” has launched an awareness initiative to ensure justice and protection of the rights of Fulani individuals born in Liberia.

Speaking with journalists in Monrovia over the weekend, Mohammed Bah, the Chairman of the organization, highlighted the unjust treatment faced by Fulani individuals born in Liberia when interacting in public spaces and offices. He emphasized that many of them are unaware of their rights, which leads to their mistreatment.

During the recent voter registration exercise, numerous Fulani encountered difficulties at registration centers as they were required to provide documentation to establish their citizenship.

Mr. Bah further pointed out that the Fulani community in Liberia often finds itself excluded from the formulation of policies and procedures that are meant to be applicable to all citizens. This exclusion is evident in the lack of representation of Fulanis among the recognized tribes of Liberia, he said.

“We demand an end to this practice, as we Fulani were not only born in Liberia but have also been educated here. Liberia is our home,” asserted Mr. Bah.

The challenges faced by Fulanis during the voter registration process highlight the importance of raising awareness about their rights. Through their campaign, the Fulani community aims to ensure fair treatment and equal rights for all Liberian citizens, irrespective of their ethnic background.

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