Grand Cape Mount Senator Calls for Increased Police Presence Nationwide to Ensure Peaceful Elections

CAPITOL HILL, Monrovia – Senator Simeon Taylor of Grand Cape Mount County has appealed for a significant increase in the deployment of Liberia National Police officers to ensure a peaceful election process throughout the nation.

Senator Taylor emphasized the importance of a strong police presence during the upcoming elections, expressing concerns that without it, the situation could escalate beyond control.

Our Legislative Reporter, who covers proceedings in the Liberian Senate, reported that Senator Taylor delivered his plea during a communication presented to the Senate on Tuesday, September 5. The communication was publicly read during the Senate’s session by the Senate Secretariat.
In his communication, Senator Taylor recounted an incident that occurred on August 29, 2023, where individuals and supporters purportedly affiliated with Idrissa Massaley, whose daughter, Bintu Massaley, is running as a representative candidate, allegedly attacked supporters of Representative Bob Sheriff from District One. This confrontation reportedly resulted in sporadic gunfire, forcing women, children, and others to seek refuge in nearby bushes.

Senator Taylor cited several documented cases of violent attacks on citizens within his county and stressed that the absence of a robust Liberia National Police presence could lead to further violence during the electoral process. He asserted that this situation poses a significant threat to the nation’s peace and stability.

Highlighting the issue’s national security implications, Senator Taylor called for swift action from the Senate, urging them to invite the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Col. Patrick Sudue, to clarify the police’s stance on the matter.

Senator Taylor also underscored the importance of a peaceful and civil election campaign as Liberia enters the election season. He appealed to all citizens to participate in a peaceful electoral process, emphasizing the need for a harmonious election experience across the country.

In his final request, Senator Taylor urged the Liberian Senate’s plenary to summon Police Inspector General Col. Patrick Sudue to appear before the body and provide clarity on the police’s role in ensuring a secure and peaceful electoral environment.

By Emmanuel Toe

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