Henry Costa Accuses Amb. Boakai of Betraying Him and ALP, Severs ties with UP   

Talk show host Henry Pedro Costa, a once political ally of the Unity Party’s Standard Bearer, Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai says he turned down a US$30 million offered him to run for president in order to support Boakai’s presidential bid.

Costa is a ranking member of the ALL Liberian Party (ALP) of businessman-cum politician Benoni Urey.

Speaking in a landmark press conference on Monday upon his return from the United States of America, Costa alleged that after he turned down the offer from those he called his financial backers, he suggested to them that they should rather render the support to former Vice President Boakai, whom he believed would make a good president.

He said the financiers reluctantly agreed, but only on the condition that he served as Boakai’s running mate, leaving him hopeful that he had made an honorable and selfless choice. 

However, Costa said his hopes were dashed when he discovered that Boakai had tarnished his reputation during a meeting with the same financiers. He alleged that Boakai bad-mouthed him, urging the financiers to abandon him and redirect the funds solely to his own campaign. The former vice president, according to Costa, even offered the financiers incentives, such as promising them ownership of the Wologizi Mountain in Lofa County, if they complied with his demands.

The action of the former VP, Costa noted, left him deeply disappointed and feeling betrayed by a man he had considered a father figure. He said in a subsequent conversation, Boakai apologized for his actions, attributing them to the financial pressure he was facing.

Costa noted that despite accepting Boakai’s apology, he remained confused about the former vice president’s motivations and treatment of him.

However, Amb. Boakai, in a Facebook post, did not confirm or deny Costa’s allegations, but said he has forgiven Costa.

“Henry P. Costa is my son, and I hold nothing against him. I forgive him, and I am always willing to work with every well-meaning Liberian to accomplish our mission to rescue Liberia. I would advise all to focus our attention on the mission to remove the nightmare we have presiding over our country.”

Speaking further, he said contrary to the speculation that the party deserted former Vice President Boakai in his quest for the presidency, it was Amb Boakai who abandoned the ALP.

Despite this, and many other sacrifices he made for the former Vice President, Costa noted that he and the ALP were left out of every negotiation leading to Boakai’s selection of his ruling mate.

Since Boakai’s announcement, he claimed that the Unity Party had been engaging in antagonistic actions towards the ALP, attempting to lure away ALP aspirants and fielding candidates against ALP members. These actions further strained the relationship between the two parties.

In light of these developments, Costa announced that the ALP would sever ties with Ambassador Boakai and the Unity Party. He made it clear that they no longer shared the same ideals, vision, or values. The ALP will hold internal meetings in the coming days to determine their next course of action, he disclosed.

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