House of representatives Approves $US.27M Incentive Agreement

The House of Representatives on Thursday, 2 June ratified an Incentive Agreement signed between the Government of the Republic of Liberia and the Liberty Investment Limited.

The valued of the investment agreement is Twenty Seven Million United States Dollars (27M).

Liberty Investment Limited is the producer and distributor of Aqualife mineral water sold on the local and regional markets.

When concurred by the Liberian Senate, the company will established a beverage production plant to produce and distribute alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages including water and various juices to the Liberian and regional markets.

Plenary’s decision to approve the Incentive Agreement of Liberty Investment Limited was based on recommendations from its Joint Committee on Investment & Concession and Judiciary.

The fifteen years agreement will create over 150 jobs and 400 jobs indirectly.

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