House of Representatives Investigate APM Terminal, NPA for Overstay of Goods at the Freeport

House of Representatives Investigate APM Terminal, NPA for Overstay of Goods at the Freeport

The House of Representatives specialized Committee is currently investigating the Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA) and the Managing Director of APM terminals following complaints of gross violations of the standard administrative procedures that govern the action of abandoned and condemned goods in the Freeport.

Of recent, there have been complains of abandoned goods at the area due to procedures involved.

This has over the time prompted some victims to take on social media expressing their frustration. Among them is Dr. Richard Sacre- a Medical Doctor, Humanitarian, Physician and Ebola Survivor trying to help Liberia address medical dilemmas through the supply of of drugs. But he is baffled by a certain empire being set up at the nation’s port of entry, hindering the release of products indispensable to Liberia.

In a Facebook post, Dr. Sacre lamented how two containers of drugs intended for the ELWA Hospital is taking a lasting period to be released, especially, when drugs and other medical supplies shortage is no secret in the country.

He said the consignment is crucial to medical work at the ELWA Hospital, but all efforts to ensure it is released have fallen on deaf ears of authority at the nation’s economic hub.

“We have done all the things that we normally do to process these shipments, but nothing seems to be working, Sacre sobbed.

In as much as he noted, that the two containers are important, Dr. Sacre said he now has no alternative, but to revert to prayers as God could be the only solution in addressing his quest.

He said in his post: “Please join me in praying for ELWA Hospital’s two containers to be set free from the port.”

“Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth, will be loosed in heaven.”

He said even though he started praying since the situation engulf the prolonged delay of the containers, he assumes that there is something seemingly surrounding the delay of the two containers.

He believes “a mountain is stuck somewhere and now turning into a stone” in not only his shoes, but many others faced with a similar situation.

Dr. Sacre has served as a Medical Missionary in Liberia, West Africa, since 1995.

However, as part of effort to settle these and many more situation at the port, the House resolved to investigate APM terminal, NPA and all other involved to report after its break.

The Committee is chaired by Rep. Rosana GDH Schaack Co-chair by Hon. Ivar K. Jones

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