House to Allot 50m Exclusively for Rice Production

Montserrado County Electoral District#16 Representative Dixon Seboe

The plenary of the House of Representatives is contemplating investing in the production of the Country’s staple food, rice.

The House wants the allotment of Fifty Million United States Dollars ($50,000,000.00) exclusively for the growing of rice in the next budget year to enable Liberia to grow rice which will eventually reduce importation, and make rice more available on the Liberian market.

The request was contained in a communication from Montserrado County Electoral District#16 Representative Dixon Seboe in which he mentioned that in recent times, there has been a shortage of rice on the local market that has subjected people not only to standing in the rain and sun in a long queue but purchasing other items before being sold the Country’s stable food, rice.

According to him, the action will serve as a long-term remedy that will help Liberia be self-reliant on its most consumed stable food.

“It is without any doubt that we have the soil and available farmland to enhance this action as other Nations across the world are doing similarly”. Rep. Seboe’s communication was noted.

Following the reading of the Communication a motion proffered by Sinoe County District#2 Representative Sampson Wiah to have the Ministry of Agriculture and LACRA appear in plenary next Tuesday, but before appearing they are to submit a comprehensive proposal which will include cost for the possible growing of rice in Liberia.

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