Human Rights Activist Welcomes Liberia’s Rebel Prosecution in Paris, France

The Director of the Global Justice and Research Project, Hassan Bility, has termed the prosecution of Kuti Kamara as good news for victims of war crimes who have been pressuring the Liberian government to prosecute all alleged war criminals. 

Kuti Kamara, who is popularly known as “Kuti K” is being trialed in Paris, France. 

He is a former frontline commander of the United Liberation Movement (ULIMO), one of several rebel groups in the first Liberian civil war that took place from 1989 to 1996.

48-year-old Kuti Kamara is being charged with alleged crimes of torture, cannibalism, human rights violation, and sexual violence.

He has admitted to fighting for ULIMO but denied the allegations brought against him in the French court. 

Hassan Bility welcomed the move when he spoke in an interview with the Voice of America Daybreak Africa Tuesday.

By: Emmanuel Toe

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