Human Rights Defenders Want Perpetrators of 26’ Day Violence Prosecuted

MONROVIA – A conglomeration of civil Society organizations in Liberia are calling for an immediate arrest, investigation and subsequent prosecution of those behind the July 26 Independence Day violence in Liberia.

The group condemned the  attack perpetrated by the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change- Council of Patriots against students of the University of Liberia.

The group, in a statement, said the  human rights community is deeply concerned over the increasing wave of human rights abuses and violations occurring on a daily basis in Liberia under this current administration.

In the statement under the signature of the Secretary General of the Human Rights Advocacy Platform, Adama Dempster, the Human Rights community said: “Liberia’s Civil Society, especially human rights defenders, are deeply concerned over the increasing wave of human rights abuse and violations occurring on a daily basis in Liberia, allegedly perpetrated by paramilitary groups under the banner of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, (CDC)/Council of Patriots.”

The group said this action is posing a greater security threat amongst citizens, pro-democracy groups and human rights defenders.

It called on the government of Liberia, as a state party to regional and international human rights instruments to ensure the full protection of all fundamental rights of people living in Liberia.

It also called on the Liberian government to its constitutional obligation to protect all residents and ensure respect for the rule of law. It admonished the government to address the lawlessness and unexplained killings as well as mysterious deaths occurring in the country over the past years.

It has been almost a week since the the violence that left several protesters of SUP injured happened, but the police are yet to make any arrest.

The Human Rights defenders expressed disappointment in the Ministry of Justice and the security sector for the unprofessional manners in dealing with the lawlessness in the society and called for an urgent action to enhance national security for all.

The statement called on the international partners and diplomatic missions in Liberia to ensure the government adheres to international standards of human rights protection, peace and security as these are fundamental rights that need to be protected and guaranteed for all Liberians irrespective of political affiliations and wealth.

Meanwhile, the group of CSOs include the Civil Society Human Rights Advocacy Platform of Liberia, We Are Protected Campaign, Liberian Women Humanitarian Network, Women Human Rights Defenders Network of Liberia, The Peace and, Security Network of Women in West Africa, West Africa Network for Peace-Libera, Naymote Partners for Democratic Development, Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia, Independent Human Rights Investigators and the Women NGO Secretariat.

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