Implication of a Supreme Court Ruling

The Justice in Chambers have without doubt brought sanity to the activities in the House of the Liberty Party’s wrangling, which for all good reasons, have taken the crisis directly to where the party had long gone to resolve her internal crisis.

So the question, why did the crisis have to prolong this long, get this deep, become such a public spectacle and finally back to the point it start from in the first place, with resources wasted, appointments made after suspension  of senior partisan, bringing so much disrepute to the very structure of the party.

The party had faced legal battle when one of its members contesting, felt the party convention was not conducted rightly and went ahead to litigate. The litigation led to an internal process to resolve the unfolding wrangling coming out of the court

Both parties from all indication have advocated for the 2021 constitution to be the mandate going forward, whilst one party, the Musa Vility faction, wanted it to remain in the defaulted form, while Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence fiction wanted to see all the concerns raised and the tampering check mated and then resubmitted to the National Elections Commission.

As of today, the ruling has again left Bility in a shadow being guilty of tempering or wanting to keep wrong as wrong, whichever way it is today, there should be jubilation in the Sen. Nyonblee’s camp, as the very solution they went after at Farmington hotel, is hence being considered proper and just keep the Party guided properly into the future.

Musa Bility future is unknown as of today, but it is quite clear that to do the right thing, Musa Bility will have to stand down, leave the Party leaders to put in place activity the ad hoc committee already has in place headed by Sen. Steve Zargo to execute all pertinent resolution from the Farmington Hotel recommendation.

With this, the effect of such action shall then leave the Alternative National Congress (ANC) headed By Alexzander Cummings in the cold completely, because his only reason for considering himself standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP) is the Musa Bility Factional endorsement within the frame work of the CPP.

Will Senator Nyonblee go ahead like ALP & UP to walk away from it or stay in it and endorse Joseph Boakai (UP)? These are billion dollar questions needing trillion dollar answers.

However, from all indication, the ruling of the justice in Chambers sets a huge snowball for Musa and his team of executives, if they choose not to appeal the ruling. It will means his executives working with him, no longer have legitimacy to continue, it will also means, he has been asked to step aside as the party may deciding to go to convention again as mean of electing new crop of executives.

Howbeit, the smoke over LP is so huge and uncertain, only time will tell.

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