In Unification Day Message, Ex-Vice President Boakai Calls on President Weah to Unify Liberians

Monrovia – Former Vice President, Joseph Nyumah Boakai has called on President George Manneh Weah to use his last days of his administration to unify Liberians.

In his National Unification Day message, Ambassador Boakai, the standard bearer and political leader of the former ruling Unity Party expressed hope that President Weah, who once served as Liberia’s Peace Ambassador, will use the twilight of his administration to take “bold and decisive” actions aimed at unifying the country and its people.

“Today’s celebration comes at a time when the former Peace Ambassador under the Unity Party-led administration is now President of Liberia,” ex-VP Boakia said.

“Being fully in charge in his fifth year in office, we can only still hope that the President will use the remaining months to take bold and decisive steps and policy actions aimed at unifying Liberians; for this was the intent and essence of the foundation laid by former President William V.S. Tubman.”

National Unification Day is a day set aside by an act of Legislature in 1960 under the administration of Liberia’s longest serving President, William V.S. Tubman.

Ambassador Boakai rallied Liberians as they celebrate the aspiration of the policy of national unification and integration to “pay tribute to the late President William V.S. Tubman, whose vision brought national attention to issues of disparity, division and exclusion in the governance of our country.”

He added that the magnitude of depravation of basic human rights by State actors led to the promulgation of the National Unification and Integration Policy.

He called on the citizens to soberly reflect and remind themselves that it is befitting to celebrate their individual rights to think different and be different without enduring prejudice, marginalization or exclusion.

He added, “Let us celebrate our difference in tribe, in gender, in religion and in party association, for these are inalienable rights that NO ONE can deny anyone of; nothing that regardless of the perceived differences, Liberians are one people with shared values of a common citizenship.

“We are all the same; nobody is different; Liberia belongs to all of us. That is why I always say, in everything we do, let us THINK LIBERIA, LOVE LIBERIA, and together BUILD LIBERIA!”

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