In Voter’s Registration, National Muslim Students Warn NEC Workers Over Discrimination Against Muslims- Latest Liberian News

Sekou Swaray. Asst Sec Gen; Abrahan Dorley, President; Foday Kanneh. Membership Chairman

The National Muslim Students Association of Liberia has strongly warned workers of the National Elections Commission over discrimination against Muslims simply because of their names, their dress code, and their inability to speak fluently.

The association’s President, Abraham Dorley, disclosed that his organization has received reports that some voter centers are refusing some Muslims (women and men) because of their last names, ascents, and their abilities to pronounce well.

Addressing a press conference in Monrovia, Mr. Dorley claimed that depriving Muslims of registering constitutes a violation of their rights.

“It makes no sense to deprive the Kamara, Dorley, Barry, Jalloh, and other Muslims related names while granting a Benson, Findley, and other plantation names easy access to do their voter registration as no one is more Liberian than the others,” Dorley said.

“We will resist any form of discrimination against our people through whatever means possible,” he added.

He called on Muslims who have been deprived of biometric voter registration to contact the nearest students’ agents who are being deployed to assist to combat the difficulties.

The statement also encouraged all Muslim youths and students, who have reached the age of 18 years and above voting age, to go near voters’ registration centers and obtain their voter’s card because it is the greatest asset that could guarantee one to make the relevant changes in the governance system of Liberia.

The Muslim student association cautioned NEC workers that it had over time observed in a series of electoral processes that sisters and mothers have been deprived of taking photos because of their hijabs.

According to Dorley, the request by NEC to unveil themselves before their photos are taken by removing their hijabs contravenes their religious beliefs and goes against their fundamental rights.

“We are encouraging our mothers and sisters to not shy away from the voter’s registration process and no one should ask them to remove their hijabs for whatever photo taking.”

The Muslim student group condemned this act of seclusion towards their people and therefore requested their sisters and mothers to report any case of such to the association and their agents who regularly patrolled the various voters’ registration centers.

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