International Partners, Donor countries have spent US$7.8bn in Liberia … A dialogue reveals

By Alexander Nyeneken

LIBERIA – The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program has ended a one-day dialogue aimed at strengthening aid coordination mechanism and support.

The dialogue, which centered around education, agriculture, health, infrastructure and projects under taken by civil society organizations, revealed that $7.8 billion United States Dollars currently being spent by international partners and donor countries.

Speaking at the end of the deliberation, Deputy Finance Minister for Economic Management at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Augustus Flomo, disclosed that the dialogue is intended to develop and establish a framework for a multi stakeholder platform for an effective development cooperation.

According to him, the dialogue has also afforded stakeholders, international partners and government to agree to design and develop a framework that will support the frontline on alignment at the policy, program and implementation levels.

Minister Flomo indicated that the dialogue has put the government, international partners and civil society organizations on the road map when it comes to checking on the spring board through which funding can be released for projects, implementation, reporting procedure and schedules and execution of projects.

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