Breaking News: Justina Taylor Lands In America Amid Report of Eminent Arrest of Government Officials on Foreign Soils  

Knews has reliably gathered that Justina Taylor, the Lady who brought out the heat of activities on the Government of Liberia; kicking dust as it relates to exposures linking the Mayor of Monrovia Jefferson Koijee to a lot of unorthodox issues, landed in the United States of America in the last 72hours.

The news of Miss Taylor surfacing in the U.S. has triggered several questions: How did she get there? Who is responsible for her getting there? What is her mission in America? Indeed there are many questions but few answers.

However, what is for certain is, something serious must be cooking. The latest news of Miss Taylor’s appearance the America piled up the list of intriguing developments that have been making rounds in the news and appear not to go away and time soon: Talk-it-all Justina Taylor in America, The So-called Political Mesiah Daniel Cassell in hot waters, Government’s friend Sheik Barshiru Kante behind bars; Warlord-turned politician-turned King maker Prince Johnson sanctioned, Legal Luminary-turned Senator-turned Government Fixer Varney Sherman sanctioned, Businessman-turned Chief Diplomat-turned alleged abuser Maxwell Kemayah out of America for good, and with his wife, Mrs. Kemayah declared unwanted in America, plus an Associate Justice barred from obtaining American visas.

With these unprecedented events unfolding right in the public glare, one may think that Liberia and Liberians have had enough, but that is the opposite.

Other mind blowing but embarrassing events are in the making: Some officials of government are set to be picked up at airports soon, the list of officials whose properties will be taken over in foreign jurisdictions coming up in the soonest of time.

Of course, the music seems to be running wide. But one thing for sure, no secret without a hole to the public, sooner or later, the reality will pop it out.

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