Kiroyera Week-long Festival to Boost Kagera Tourism Gateway for Job Creation and Income Generation

Mary Kalikawe, Kiroyera Tours CEO(Right), at Kiroyera Teemba heritage site

Tanzania- Lake Victoria is widely known as the largest tropical lake, the second largest fresh lake in the world, and first Africa’s largest lake by area, with a surface of approximately 59,947 km². The surface area is divided into three nations, Tanzania owns 49 percent (33,700 sq km), Uganda 45 pc (31,000 sq km), and Kenya 6 pc (4,100 sq km).

In Tanzania, four regions of Kagera, Geita, Mwanza, and Mara border the lake.

Kiroyera Tours Company in the Kagera region, Northwest of Tanzania, which provides a range of Travel and Tourism services in the country and beyond, finds that Lake Victoria’s potential has not been utilized enough to create jobs and generate income for Kagera Region residents.

Kiroyera Tours CEO, Mary Kalikawe, told journalists recently, that they are committed to seeing that Lake Victoria’s opportunities are fully tapped in generating regional economy.

“This Lake hasn’t been fully utilised to boost tourism in the country. We have contacted and connected to people vessed with knowledge about opportunities to invest in Tourism in the lake”, said Kalikawe

She said one of their strategies to reach the goal, is that Kiroyera Tours have organized the one-week long festival (July 1st- July 7th, 2023 where there will be trips to visit various areas of interesting sites, including the National parks of Burigi-Chato and Ibanda-Kyerwa, Waterfalls of Kyamunene and Bugonzi, Islands of Musira, Goziba and Bumbire, and heritage and historical sites.

“There are more than 400 participants from East African countries attending the East Africa Business, Agriculture and Tourism Exhibitions here in Bukoba, so we have allocated them this week to visit the interesting sites”, said Kalikawe.

She further said there will be a special Conference on July 7th on Unlocking Kagera Tourism Gateway for Job Creation and Income Generation, and according to her, Chief Guest and Speaker will be Cuthbert Nkube, Executive President- Africa Tourism Board, whose mandate is to leverage strategic relationship in the industry and beyond to unite Africa’s efforts in positioning herself as a tourism destination powerhouse.

On 8th July there will be a night gala for Lake Victoria Super Kalemera Tourism Award, in recognition of the late Superior Kalemera (aka mr Super), as the brave, courageous, and charismatic leader in the frontline of any tourism company, whose
his numerous trips with tourists to Rubondo island in Lake Victoria mark the outstanding award.

The chief guest at the gala ceremony will be Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Mohamed Mchengerwa.

By Mutayoba Arbogast, K-NEWS, Tanzania Contributor

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