Knews Asks Hard Question Delving into Reality of the Liberian Diplomatic Passport Fraud Saga

Paynesville – Looking not too far from the nose of every Liberian is the fraud and saga the Liberian diplomatic passport is facing today under President George Weah’s Administration.

These frauds began popping out even before the dismissal of Andrew Wonplu and his subsequent escape from Liberia into safety for his life.

As part of its ongoing investigation into passport saga, has reliably gathered that almost every government official in Liberia has several family members including their girlfriends and close associates holding diplomatic and service passports.

These individuals are seen flying through Asia, Middle East and parts of Europe using Liberia’s diplomatic passport for common. Several syndicates have been exposed over the years where even greater crimes were involved; compared to what is unfolding with the Sheik Bashiru’s case today and nothing was done.

The unfolding situations under the watch of President George Weah have left us at with several unanswered questions.

Why the President of Liberia did nothing when Dweah Gray, a Deputy Minister, single handedly began bringing in Liberian Passports into Liberia using unofficial channels when the company from Ghana was dismissed without any respect to the contract signed purely for extra gains to the pockets of officials of government?  And despite the open allegations spilled out by the former Passport Director, absolutely nothing was done. The Question on the lips of many should be “Why now?”

What is happening that makes this case unique and deferent? Why is there so much interest in the issuance of these passports today when it could have been curtailed long before now?

When 5000 copies of passports were found locked up in the warehouse of the Freeport of Liberia, why was there no quick understanding and investigation to curb this situation? Why allowed it get to this critical point of a national crisis ?

Who knows what? How come early indicators were not flagged by the national security agencies of the country and with all high ranking members out of Liberia at the moment, where has the national security structure gone? Where is the early warning system that helps the President to make decisions to curb international embarrassment?

At the various hotels in Monrovia, you can find girls as young as 21 boasting and showing off each other’s books, either service, official or indeed the high priced diplomatic book. These and many more provide serious loss of words by serious minded people who understand the grave implication of such waywardness of our government and the government officials who are serving today.

Should the President have been this silent for this long or is there more than meets the eyes?

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