Koijee Addresses WPFD, Calls on Journalists to be Professional

By: Emmanuel Toe

The Lord Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Jefferson Tamba Koijee has called on the Liberian media to be professional in it’s reportage.

Speaking as Keynote Speaker, Koijee expressed however praised the Press Union of Liberia for decentralizing the activities of the union.

Despite the many criticisms from several quarters in Monrovia and its environ as it relates to the mistreatment journalist are receiving under the administration of President Weah, he bragged that during the detention of the Publisher of Front Page Africa, he advocated for his Release, noting that the move to detain him was an abuse to the work of a Journalists.

The Monrovia City Mayor also praised the PUL for it’s advocacies over the years to bring relief to it’s members thus pledging his support to press freedom in Liberia.

Touching on the theme of this year celebration, Journalism Under Digital Siege, Mayor Koijee said, the CDC government has done everything possible in the protection of Journalists in Liberia.

He said the government under the CDC-led, has made the commitment to protect Journalists despite of it’s critical reportage.

He proposed the formulation of series of media training program in order to upgrade their professional services in the performing of their duties.

Mayor Koijee recounting the suffering of dozens of Journalists by previous governments, noting at that times Journalists’ works have been under threats.

He also called on the delayed release of the Laurance Bropleh report to be released without delay.

He also made several recommendations including the accreditation of all Journalists to made them more credible, and that the PUL handle unprofessional, and that the media should not be used by individuals for their selfish gain.

Concluding, Mayor Koijee called on Laurance K. Bropleh to release it’s delayed report

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