Land Dispute Hits Lower Montserrado

The prolonged civil war that lasted for 14 years forced the majority of Liberians to seek refuge in other countries.

When the war eventually ended in 2003 and democratic rule was subsequently restored in 2005, many of the refugees returned to Liberia, mostly eased by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees

Regrettably, after the civil war, there was a furious haste for land all over the country. Disputes over ownership were aggravated by the loss of legal documents and a total breakdown of the legal system.

These illegal occupants usually demand that the legal owners provide valid documentation to support their claims of ownership, documentation which often no longer exists. As a result, struggles for land have generated pressures and violent conflicts throughout the country, conflicts that often take over the national scene.

This has resulted in the destruction of lives and properties and forced many residents to flee from some of their main towns and villages around the country.

Despite efforts being made by the government to stop land grabbers, citizens in Dennis town continues to suffer at the hands of some land Grabbers who disrupt their peaceful lives by taking their land forcefully without legitimate document.

They have allegedly accused a single individual name Blamo Wright of being in the said hobbit.

But when contacted about the allegation, Blamo Wright Shy Away from being interviewed by Journalists on several occasions.

By: Daniel Theophilus Cole/Knews Reporter

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