“LCC has Failed the Liberian Christian Community”- Says Evangelist Abraham Tole

MONROVIA – The lead evangelist of the Redemption Tower and Just for Evangelist Ministry, Abraham Tole says the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) has failed the Liberian Christian community.

Speaking at the end of a one-day National prayer for the nation ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections, Evangelist Tole said with several agents and organizations migrating every day to the country to start a new Church, there are no principles or rules governing an individual.

He said it is the right of the LCC to check and regulate any alien or foreigner who has purchased land for church construction purposes to do background check before granting permit. The check should include going back to such individual country, and do a background investigation concerning his place of worship before issuing the permit.

He said: “Coming from another country to open a Church in Liberia, you must be sent as an evangelist or Apostle from another Church that will link with the Liberia Council of Churches to get you a Church permit, and in case something happens, the LCC will be able to contact your home base church to relate any information whether good or bad.”

The clergyman said the LCC has never implemented such plans or ideas together, alleging that the council head and board are all into politics.

He noted that if all churches in Liberia were regulated by the LCC, breakaway churches would have not been so many.

LCC is not working Mr. Journalist the Liberia council of churches has failed the Liberian Christian community from the past and presents Leaders so so, politicians,” he said.

It’s time for the Christian community to play its role as the nation draws closer to the General election come 2023, he added.

The clergyman said for too long Liberians, including including bishops that the nation runs to for prayer, have back-slide and worship God under false pretense.

According to him, anywhere salvation is preached, one should not expect a large number of people because most Liberians are now running after miraculous sermons instead of learning what the Word of God says and also presenting the nation to God ahead of the General elections.

He said Liberians are no more looking for the truth that is to be preached from the Bible to win souls for God’s kingdom.

He mentioned that Liberians has abused the Sabbath, mostly pastors’ wives who usually go to the market Saturday to buy their Sunday meal; something he said is against the Sabbath. 

Evangelist Tole further explained that because of greed, most churches have fallen apart, thus calling for a speedy investigation for all break-away pastors.  

He said there are too many lazy individuals spearheading the gospel in Liberia only depending on what is used as pastor appreciation but don’t want to implement what those words from the bible say to get daily bread for themselves instead of depending on the government.

Look Mr. Journalist pastors are lazy and pastors are also making the members lazy. Now this is a national call that all breakaway church pastors must be investigated and I want the so-called Liberia Council of Churches to take serious action

By Daniel Theo Cole

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