LCC Members Predicts Rev. Reeves Leadership Is Doomed to Fail

A member of the Liberia Council of Churches, Rev. Festus Logan has described the newly elected LCC President Rev. Samuel Reeves as an established politician who does not deserved to be the president of the Liberia Council of Churches.

Speaking to a team of journalists on Monday, Rev. Logan said he strongly believes that the LCC, under the leadership of Rev. Reeves will fall and many Churches across the country will find difficulties in getting a proper representation at the highest position.

He said the Church was in serious error by electing a politician and want those involved to revisit their decision because it is not in the best interest of the Church.

Recently, members of the LCC held their general election and the Baptist prelate was elected as their president.

Rev. Samuel Reeves, who is the Senior Pastor of the historic Providence Baptist Church and was the vice standard beerier during the 2017 presidential election on the ticket of the Movement of Economic Empowerment (MOVEE).

Rev. Logan thanked former LCC president Bishop Kortu Brown for the level of work and peace he brought to the LCC during his five-year leadership.

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