LDEA Arrests 17-Yr-Old with Large Quantities of Drug in River Gee County

River Gee County –The Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency, River Gee detachment has arrested 17 years old Mark Young with illegal substances worth over Twenty Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy-Two Liberian Dollars (20,972.00LD) at the central point of the City, Fish Town, River Gee County.

According to the County commander, Joseph K Gokar, the 17 years old boy got arrested after receiving information from persons an intelligentsia, that he had illegal drugs; upon that officers were deployed and Mark Young was immediately apprehended.

The illegal drugs collected from the 17 years old boy include; thirty-one wrapped in heroin, thirty-one wrapped in kuch, and thirty-four wrapped in a highly graded sense of marijuana, being kept in his scratch cards box.

Mark admitted to being in connection with illegal drug selling along the street through an investigation, he is pleading for mercy; promising to expose all roadside sellers who are involved in the illegal drugs business.

Meanwhile, speaking with reporters in the county, Commander Gokar encouraged residents of River Gee County to report cases relating to drug dealers and users to abolish the increase in criminality and the abuse of harmful substances in Liberia.

Suspect Mark Young is currently in the custody of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA).

The drug is a major challenge to Liberia, destroying the majority population of the youth, with this, there have been several calls on the Liberian government to pass laws that will help in the fight against the situation but its yet to be actualized. 

Recently, the Progressive Students Alliance- a student-based political party at the University of Liberia petitioned the Liberia Senate to speedily concur with the House of Representatives in the passing of the Drugs Law that before that august body, something they believe will curtail the inflows of illicit drugs in the country that is causing serious embarrassment for the youthful populace.

The House of Representatives recently passed the amendment to the Controlled Drug and Substances Act of 2014 in its ongoing Special Sitting. The bill seeks to make drug possession and its use non-bailable.

The current drug law of 2014 has several loopholes in the fight against drugs and substances in Liberia.

And this is the defect or statutory infirmity that the amendment seeks to address, said Rep. Joshua. 

However, the house of the senate is yet to concur with the house of Representatives for the passage of this law. 

By: Emmanuel Toe

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