LEC Mary Broh Apologizes to Fulanese Community

The Co-Chair of the Liberia Electricity Corporation ( LEC) Anti power theft taskforce has reacted to a recent press release coming from the Fulanese Community describing her statement as divisive, and irresponsible at the same demanding an apology from her.

Madam Mary T. Broh on Thursday, November, 10,2022, was heard on Knewsonline’s Facebook page labeling the Fulanese as those who do not owe allegiance to Liberia rather; they take their monies in Guinea and other Countries but choose to get involved in power theft.

On Wednesday, November 9, the LEC launched an Anti Power Theft Campaign under the theme ” Disconnect to Reconnect”

During the occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of Liberia Electricity Corporation Mr. Monie Carptin recorded that the Electricity sector of the Country lost about US$48 million annually to power theft giving rise to the Campaign.

During Madam Broh’s Anti power theft campaign tour, a Liberian and Fulanese National was caught in Third party power theft and were order arrest, classifying them as unpatriotic.

A day later, the Fulanese community headed by Fula governor Alhaji Mohammed Bailo Sow called on the Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA) Mary Broh to apologize for allegedly referring to them as not making a Contribution to the growth and development of Liberia.

In a release from the LEC Taskforce Co-Chair, late Sunday evening says; she is aware of the public reaction that has ensued in the aftermath of an interaction she had earlier this week with a member of the Fula community in Paynesville.

“As co-chair of a newly-formed anti-power theft taskforce – which was established by the Liberian Electricity Corporation, – I have visited dozens of neighborhoods as my team and I implement a mandate of disconnecting illegal connections and also ensure offenders are penalized.” she narrated.

She said,” In the heat of the verbal exchange that followed, I made comments that in hindsight should not have been said”.

“For this, I offer my unreserved apology,” she said.

According to her, it was not intended to cast aspersions on our Fula Community or to question their patriotism.

Madam Mary Broh said she holds no prejudice against anybody or a group of people.

“My ties cut across various sectors of the Liberian society so, anybody attempting to create that impression would be misjudging me” she emphasized.

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