LEC Strategizes to Boost Electricity Amid Increase Power

The Chief Executive Officer of the Liberia Electricity Corporation says power theft is killing the sector and the country’s economy.

Making the statement to Knews recently, Mr. Monie Captan said electricity is not free in any given country and as such citizens should work in collective efforts to restore long-lasting electricity in Liberia.

He said, “Power theft is killing us, and I am not saying that it is some people out there; I have some of my employees involved… Customers cannot climb on the pole and do illegal connections.”

However, as part of its strategic energy plans, the LEC boss revealed that it is to move toward more renewable energy which includes hydro and solar systems among others.

“meaning energy we can produce without using thermal fuel which is what they say is expensive; so more investment in hydro, more investment in solar, that’s the kind of energy mix in this generation we need to be able to have a lower cost on customers,” he said.

The LEC Boss then urged customers’ commitment to pay their bills rather than illegal connections that will stop Liberia from moving forward. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Captan has assured Liberians that there will be more stability in electricity across the country in the coming dry season.

According to him, there is a pending agreement with neighboring Côte d’Ivoire to supply Liberia with more electricity as means of boosting the present energy.

He maintained that the LEC has begun maintenance work on major energy sources currently in the country.

By: Emmanuel Gaunue

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