LFA Climaxes 2021/2022 League Season Relegation Playoffs As Breweries F.C Gets Promotion to Orange National.

Monrovia Club Breweries F.C has been transferred to the 2022-23 Orange National League – 2nd Division after a goalless draw against Heaven Eleven FC in the relegation playoff on Sunday at the ATS.

The Beer Boys needed a compulsory win to remain in the Orange National League – 1st Division but failed after a goalless draw.

Heaven Eleven and Sandi F.C will continue their participation in the first division.
Heaven Eleven defeated Sandi F.C 3-2, Monrovia Club Breweries lost to Sandi 4-3, before the Yekepa-based team fought the Bushrod Island team to a goalless draw to survive in a three-team relegation playoff.

Meanwhile in the Orange National League – Women’s Division, DC Shooters will continue to participate in the top league while Shaita Angels Football Club has gained Relegation to the lower league.

DC Shooters defeated Shaita Angels 1-0 in the first league and played to a one-all draw in the return leg at the ATS on Sunday evening.

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