‘’Liberia can never achieve in the midst of Divisiveness’’ Says Sara Beysolow Nyanti

Presidential Candidate Sara Beysolow Nyanti of the African Liberation League in an interview

PAYNESVILLE: LIBERIA: Female Presidential Candidate, Rev. Sara Beysolow Nyanti says Liberia will never achieve sustainable development without sustainable peace.

The African Liberation League’s Standard Bearer described the peace in Liberia as fragile and called on Liberians to protect it as the country will struggle for aid if there is any crisis in the Country.

The former United Nations Assistant Secretary-General said sustainable peace is a requirement for sustainable development; stating that everything Liberia has achieved will be destroyed if the Country goes back to chaos.

Madam Beysolow Nyanti, who served in many countries during crises, including Yemen, Nepal, and South Sudan, urged politicians and all Liberians to unite against divisiveness and violence and embrace peace for a better Liberia.
‘’ I am also calling on all candidates in the October elections, as well as all citizens not to allow this election, which is an event to divide us as a Country’’.

At the same time, the African Liberation League’s Presidential Candidate has vowed to strengthen the health sector to enhance quality healthcare delivery, especially for rural communities.

Speaking Tuesday on the Truth Breakfast Show, Madam Nyanti disclosed that she will ensure that equitable access to healthcare in rural areas is prioritized by her Administration.

She vowed: “I will ensure that the deplorable health facilities in rural Liberia are improved up to international best standard.’’

Madam Beysolow Nyanti, a renowned diplomat who is widely termed as ‘’ Poverty Doctor, added that if elected, the African Liberation League (ALL) government will invest in the training of medical practitioners and provision of needed medical equipment to enhance a sustainable and resilient health sector the Country has since long for.

By: William K. Howard

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