Liberia Clergyman Wants LCC’s Active Participation In Preserving ‘Hard Earned’ Liberia’s Peace

Monrovia – The Bishop-emeritus of the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church has called on the members of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) to mobilize resources in order to preserve the peace in the country
The Retired Bishop, Dr. Arthur Kulah, who is one of the pioneer founders of the LCC, said it is surprising that Liberian politicians are still at each other throat for power forgetting the Liberia’s dark history.

Bishop Kulah made the call when he delivered the keynote speech marking the opening of the 33rd general assembly of the Liberia Council of Churches taking place in Brewersville outside Monrovia.

Speaking on the theme: “United For Ministry of Peace, Reconciliation and Service,” Bishop Kulah expressed optimism that Liberia will rise again and take its rightful place in the comity of nation.

The conference, under the theme: “The Church and State Sustaining Peace, Justice and Rule of Law,” brought together religious leaders from all over the country.
The conference is expected to continue later with the LCC President, Bishop Kortu Brown, delivering his annual message to be followed by report from the Secretary General, Reverend Christopher Toe.

The conference is expected to end later this week with election of a new corps of officers and adoption of a number of resolutions to run the affairs for a two-year term.

The Liberian Council of Churches is an ecumenical Christian organization in Liberia. It was founded in 1982 and is a member of the World Council of Churches.

By: Emmanuel Toe

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