Liberia: EFFL Vows Not to Take Order from ‘Partisan Security’ Amidst Violent Clashes Between UP and CDC

Gonquoi Leads EFFL Militants

CONGO TOWN, Monrovia: The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) has strongly denounced the recent outbreak of violence targeting former Vice President and Unity Party’s standard bearer, Joseph Boakai, labeling it an alarming incident.
The violent clash occurred last week between members of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the main Opposition Unity Party as Boakai was on his way to name his campaign team.
While various interpretations and analyses regarding what sparked the violence circulate, many observers have pointed fingers at the CDC for the situation that resulted in numerous injuries. Civil society organizations and human rights groups in the country have expressed strong condemnation toward both the CDC and the Unity Party for their roles in the incident.
In a press conference addressing the matter, the EFFL strongly criticized what it termed as an alarming sign of security forces operating under the George Weah-led government being partial and aligned with the ruling party’s interests rather than impartial guardians of the public.

EFFL Commander in chief Emmanuel Gonquoi

‘’For the fact that the Police, under Weah, can stand and watch a key opposition leader be attacked with no intervention, we will on today, Monday, August 14, 2023, unleash our Defenders of the Revolution (DORs), a well-trained reactionary force who are all former soldiers and they will now defend all members of the opposition at all levels,’’ Gonquoi said.
In addition, the EFFL emphasized their decision to distance themselves from instructions issued by state security agencies, which they deemed unfit partisans of the ruling establishment. Gonquoi iterated, “We can no longer rely on these biased police forces, the compromised Justice Ministry, and the NEC. We are resolved to defend ourselves and reject any instructions from so-called state security, aligning with President Weah’s call for citizens to take their security into their own hands.”
In a landscape marked by political tensions, the EFFL’s declaration should claim the attention of all stakeholders including the Unity Party and the ruling CDC.
By: William K. Howard

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