Liberia Electricity Corporation Launches Anti-Power Theft Campaign

Paynesville– The Liberia Electricity Corporation has launched an Anti-Power Theft Campaign to put an end to power theft across the Country.

The Campaign, according to the Liberia Electricity Corporation will help generate revenue for the government in maintaining the supplies of electricity from the neighboring Ivory Coast.

It can be recalled on Friday, October 21, 2022, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was signed between CI Energies, CIE, and, the Liberia Electricity Corporation for the supply of 27megawatts of electricity to Liberia.

The power will be transmitted through the CLSG Transmission line from the neighboring Ivory Coast to Liberia.

Speaking during the lunch excises at the Paynesville town hall on Wednesday morning, the Chairman of the Liberia Electricity Corporation, Mr. Monie R. Captan cautioned Liberians to see reasons for putting an end to power theft.

He added that the government needs to generate revenue from citizens to pay for the supplies of Electricity from the Ivory Coast.

” We need money to maintain the current and if we put a stop to power theft in Liberia, the Liberia Electricity Corporation will be able to pay for the electricity that is coming from Ivory Coast”.

The LEC Boss further that the Power supply to Liberia will commence on December 1 of this year.

The launching program was attended by private business owners, Agencies, Media executives, government officials as well as international partners.

This is a developing story, details to follow.

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