Liberia: Former VP Boakai Pledges Concrete Actions in Battle Against Corruption

Monrovia – Against the backdrop of mounting public concern over the prevalence of corruption during the tenures of both the Weah and Taylor administrations, former Vice President Joseph Boakai has made a resolute commitment to enacting tangible measures to combat corruption.
This commitment is contingent on his potential election as President in the forthcoming legislative and presidential elections, slated for October 10 this year.

Appearing on a local radio station in Paynesville on Monday, Ambassador Boakai explained his stance on the imperative to combat corruption with genuine resolve. He outlined that under a Boakai-Koung leadership, the fight against corruption will be elevated to a position of paramount importance, aimed at elevating the quality of life for ordinary citizens.

Ambassador Boakai affirmed his intent to conduct comprehensive audits of all present officials who have served in the Weah-Taylor administration. He expressed his conviction that these officials must account for what he refers to as ill-gotten riches amassed during their tenures in governmental roles.

Parallelly, the former Vice President reiterated his perspective that the preceding Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration, during which he held the position of vice president, had squandered numerous opportunities that could have translated into substantial gains for the Liberian populace.

Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai accentuated his unapologetic stance on the aforementioned statement, underscoring his unwavering commitment to ensuring transparency, accountability, and improved governance practices.

By: Emmanuel Toe

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