Liberia: Jetty Rubber Factory Commences Operations in Margibi within Two Months

Jetty modern factory in Weala

WEALA: Margibi County is on the brink of welcoming the completion of the Jetty Rubber Factory, a visionary endeavor led by Upjit Singh Sachdeva, a renowned business magnate. The factory, poised to begin operations within the next two months, is set to make a significant contribution to the local economy and the lives of smallholder farmers.

Upjit Singh, widely known as Jeety, shared his anticipation for the factory’s imminent launch, highlighting its potential to catalyze Liberia’s economic progress.

The establishment marks a historic milestone as Liberia’s first rubber processing plant owned by an Indian citizen, a venture with far-reaching implications for both domestic and international markets.

With this groundbreaking initiative, raw rubber will be transformed into advanced products, primed for both export and domestic utilization. Speaking about his motivation behind the business venture, Jetty said: “My quest to give back to society has always been to fund Liberia’s economic development by not only adding value to the country’s natural resources, but also creating employment opportunities for the local community to give Liberia a perfect Look in the economic world.”

Jeety assured the people of Liberia, especially the residents of Margibi County, that the factory’s operational phase is just around the corner. “The factory is 98 percent completed and, in two months by the grace of God, we will start real operation,” he said.

Strategically situated in Weala, Margibi County, in Cinta District, the Rubber Factory leverages the region’s rich rubber plantations. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and adhering to rigorous quality standards, Jetty assured that the facility is poised to meet international demands for rubber-based products.

Jeety also highlighted the positive effect the factory is poised to trigger, catalyzing growth in related industries and fostering a multiplier effect on Liberia’s economic landscape.

The opening of the factory will be a milestone for both Jetty and the government who as it will not only generate profit, but create jobs and contribute to the nation’s economy.

During her recent tour of the ongoing construction at the factory, Minister of Agriculture Jeanine Cooper acknowledged the transformative potential of the US$30 million investment. She emphasized its pivotal role in Liberia’s growth and development over the coming decades, foreseeing its positive impact on generating supplementary income for further investments within the country.

By Daniel Theo Cole

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