Liberia National County Sports Meet History And its Drama

The County Meet is the biggest sporting event in Liberia and is a major deliverable of the Government of Liberia which was established in 1956 by former President William V.S. Tubman as a means of promoting peace and reconciliation throughout the country.

It remains Liberia’s biggest and most follow football competition.

The Nation’s biggest competition started in 1956 in Harper City, Maryland County featuring five counties, namely: Maryland County, Montserrado County, Grand Bassa County, Sinoe County, and Grand Cape Mount County.

Maryland County defeated Montserrado County in the grand finale 3-1 to become the first winners of the National County Sports Meet that was hosted on their soil.

Taking more than ten years break, the National County Sports meet returned in 1969 with Montserrado County being the host featuring ten counties and six territories, bringing the total number of participants to sixteen.
It was played on a knock-out basis.

SassTown territory, Kru Coast territory, Marshall territory, and Gibi Territory were among the six territories that participated in the 1969 edition.

Grand Cape Mount County went on to win the county meet that year by beating Montserrado County in the grand final.

The Competition returned in 1970 with Sasstown Territory, now part of Grand Kru County winning, marking the beginning of the County’s success in the County Sports Meet.

Kru Coast territory won it in 1974.

Some of the players of Sasstown at that time were Patrick Arthur, Anthony Wesseh, Tarpeh Roberts, Sylvester Red’ Weah, Michael Tarplah, Anthony Sayon Nagbe alas Experience Tony, Telemu, all contributed to Grand Kru County back to back County meet journey.

Grand Kru County has won the county meet six times.

1956: Maryland County
1969: Grand Cape Mount County
1970: Grand Kru County
1974: Grand Kru County
1977: Grand Kru County
1978: Nimba County
1979: Nimba County
1984: Margibi County
1985: Grand Kru County
1987: Grand Kru County
1989: Grand Gedeh County
1990: Grand Bassa
2004 : Gbarpolu County
2007: Rivercess County
2008: Bong County
2009: Bomi County
2010: Nimba County
2011: Nimba County
2012: Margibi County
2013: Grand Cape Mount County
2014: Grand Bassa
2015: (Ebola Epidemic)
2016: Grand Bassa
2017: Montserrado County
2018: Montserrado County
2019: Bomi County
2020: Grand Kru County
2021: Lofa County
2022: Nimba County
2023: On Now

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