Liberia: National Transit Authority Workers Protest Unpaid Salaries and Work Issues


MONROVIA – A group of aggrieved National Transit Authority (NTA) workers staged a protest against the institution due to unpaid wages and alleged unresolved work-related concerns.
On Monday, the protestors gathered at the NTA facility and obstructed its main entrances. They prevented buses owned by the national government and Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph from leaving the compound. The demonstrators chanted slogans demanding their rightful pay and criticizing poor labor practices.

The protestors also accused the NTA’s Managing Director, Habi McCauley, of mishandling funds meant for their salaries. They called on President George Weah to take decisive action against McCauley, citing a history of complaints against his leadership since taking office.
A worker voiced their frustration, stating, “It is time that President George Weah visits the National Transit Authority (NTA) to witness the poor working conditions under those he appointed as managers and directors. They have failed to compensate us for our work. How are we supposed to provide for our families? How can we afford to educate our children?”
Amid the protest, one protester expressed a lack of support for President Weah and his officials due to the ongoing issues.

Senator Saah Joseph, who is the Chair of Executive and a representative of Montserrado County, arrived at the scene to address the protestors. He assured them that he would bring their concerns before the Liberian Senate for discussion.
“I urge you to come to the capitol building, where your issues will be thoroughly addressed. I will inform the Liberian Senate and the pro-tempore, and we will examine your concerns,” Senator Joseph stated.

NTA Managing Director Habi McCauley dismissed the protestors’ claims, labeling them as mere propaganda. He refuted the allegations against him and asserted that the protestors were ungrateful. McCauley expressed his belief that their actions were harming the organization.
“These people are just ungrateful. This is just mere propaganda. They are tarnishing my character,” McCauley said.

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