Liberia: Speaker Bhofal Chambers Faces Re-election Hiccups as CPP Anthony Williams Takes Lead

Oct 17, 2023 - 21:48
Nov 1, 2023 - 21:49
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Liberia: Speaker Bhofal Chambers Faces Re-election Hiccups as CPP Anthony Williams Takes Lead
Speaker Bhofal Chambers

PLEEBO, Maryland – House Speaker Bhofal Chambers is facing significant challenges in his bid for re-election in Pleebo Sodoken District. Speaker Chambers, who seeks a fourth term as Representative of Maryland’s Electoral District #2 and a second term as Speaker of the House of Legislature, is encountering formidable opposition.

Preliminary results released by the National Elections Commission on Sunday, October 15, 2023, reveal that CPP candidate Anthony F. Williams has secured 6,126 votes, while Mr. Bhofal Chambers trails with 5,552.

In Pleebo Sodoken District, K-News has observed that Mr. Bhofal Chambers has been a frequent visitor to the NEC Magisterial office in Harper City, with tallying processes ongoing. However, the purpose of his constant presence around the tallying hall remains unknown.

Allegedly, a group of unidentified individuals attempted to set the NEC Magisterial office ablaze in the dead of night on Saturday. This act was thwarted by a robust security team composed of the LNP, the PSU, the ERU, and others responsible for safeguarding the electoral activities in the county.

During a press conference held by five out of the eight representative candidates in the district on Saturday, October 14, 2023, these candidates conceded defeat to the CPP candidate, Anthony F. Williams. They called on Mr. Bhofal Chambers to accept the election results and refrain from any involvement in electoral violence.

The press conference was attended by Zeway Carr, Sr. (REBUILDERS), Musa Dioh Lawal (ALSCOP), Bessie W. Nathan (LPP), Thomas G. Nimely (DNA), and Gripman Satue (DPPL).

Thomas Nimely, the DNA candidate, acknowledged Anthony Williams’ victory, citing tally sheets collected by his poll watchers on election day. He urged Speaker Bhofal Chambers to accept the will of the citizens and abstain from interfering in the tallying process.

“The election held on October 10, Tuesday, was won fairly by Anthony Williams. We can verify this from the tally sheets reported by our poll watchers. So, I want to tell Bhofal Chambers to cease his actions,” Mr. Nimely stated during the press conference.

Bessie Wollor, the LPP representative candidate, expressed her gratitude to her supporters and admitted Anthony Williams’ victory. She emphasized the urgent need for improved access to safe drinking water, healthcare facilities, and other essential services in the rural areas of the district. She further implored Mr. Bhofal Chambers to gracefully concede defeat.

“I want to express my gratitude to my people, especially the Nyanbo community,” she said.

Musa Dioh Lawal of ALSCOP reiterated his commitment to Anthony Williams, emphasizing that Williams had secured a clear victory and that Speaker Chambers should refrain from leveraging power and resources to undermine the interests of the people.

“We will support Anthony Williams wholeheartedly,” he affirmed.

By Peter P. Toe, Jr.

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