Liberia: Youth-Led Movement Facilitates Dialogue on Sustaining Liberia’s Peace

KAKATA, Margibi County – As part of its contribution to promote Liberia’s hard-won peace, ‘Sustaining the Peace in Liberia’ initiative has completed a one-day round table dialogue at the Cuttington Junior College, situated in Margibi County. Spearheaded by the Liberia Institute for Green Patriotism, this program stands as a resolute commitment to nurturing and preserving peace within Liberia.

This dialogue transpired against the backdrop of Liberia commemorating two decades of uninterrupted peace since the end of its civil war conflict in 2003. It also comes as Liberians prepare for the forthcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections scheduled for October 10, 2023.

At the heart of the dialogue was a collective exploration of strategies and approaches to perpetuating peace in Liberia. The event facilitated a convergence of voices, welcoming students from Cuttington Junior College, representatives from Equip Liberia, and other valued partners.

Speaking to reporters in Margibi County, Mr. Shem Saywanue elucidated that this program has reached and engaged a wide spectrum of students hailing from diverse universities across the nation, including institutions such as Cuttington, AMEU, and the University of Liberia. Furthermore, community residents and high school students also contributed to the enriching discourse.

Within this dynamic exchange, participants earnestly exchanged viewpoints and perspectives aimed at bolstering the nation’s peacebuilding efforts, marking a significant milestone after 14  years of conflict that tragically claimed the lives of many Liberians.

Mr. Saywanue affirmed that the round table discussions culminated in a triumphant success, yielding a plethora of constructive suggestions poised to underpin Liberia’s enduring peace. Collaborating with educational institutions such as Cuttington Junior College, African Methodist Episcopal University, the Angie Brooks Institute, and the University of Liberia, among other partners, this program fostered a platform for participants to deliberate upon creative ideas to sustain peace throughout Liberia.

The discussions were centered on important subjects, including combating corruption, nurturing a robust Liberian economic ownership paradigm, fortifying the foundations of good governance, upholding the rule of law and human rights, ensuring an adept response to the electoral process, and addressing pressing challenges that lie ahead.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Saywanue urged participants to harness the power of education within their respective communities as a potent instrument for perpetuating peace.

The ‘Sustaining the Peace in Liberia’ dialogue stands as an exemplar of the proactive spirit of Liberia’s youth, resolutely working toward nurturing a harmonious and resilient society. As these dialogues continue to resonate and inspire, the momentum to build a peaceful Liberia gains unwavering strength, driven by the dedicated efforts of its vibrant youth and their valued partners.

By Moses P. Gibson, contributor, Margibi County

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