Liberian Activist Decries Increase in Corruption Under the George Weah Government without Remorse

Following the increase suffering being experience under the George Weah Administration, several Liberians home and abroad continue to express sadness over the situation.

Most of them who are considered critics have named and continue to name corruption as major source of the situation that they said despite report by the U.S government, CDC has choose to ignore but finds pleasure in building big houses.

Key among them is a Liberian activist in Martin K.N Kollie.

The situation which continue to happen, prompted the Liberian former student activist to again take to his social media platform, expressing how it pains him and many other to see Liberians suffering in their own country.

In his post, he accused President Weah of having only for himself US$5,453,000 while his wife, Clar Weah, has US$700,000 in the National Budget for fiscal year 2022 among many others while many Liberians continue to suffer.

Martin K.N Kollie Writes

Going to bed with tears 😭 rolling down my eyes – A short note from my heart to Pres.

Dear Pres. GMW,I am about to go to bed but I can’t just find sleep because of your greed. After misusing your football money, you and your accomplices are now living a life of luxury on our people’s hard-earned sweat. Why are you so greedy and corrupt like this? This fiscal year 2022, you alone have US$5,453,000 while your wife, Clar Weah, has US$700,000 in our National Budget. Wow 😯.

Here are a few of your personal budget lines for FY2022: 1. Foreign Travel – US$869,8552. Foreign Travel Subsistence Allowance – US$383,1453. Foreign Travel Incidental Allowance – US$365,0004. Domestic Travel – US$875,0005. Domestic Travel Subsistence Allowance – US$850,0006. Fuel and Lubricants for Vehicle – US$175,0007. Repair and Maintenance – US$160,0008. Special Presidential Projects – US$700,0009. Stationery – US$100,00010. Printing – US$25,00011. Celebrations and State Visits – US$475,00012. Food and Entertainment – US$240,00013. Basic Salary – US$494,949Source: Budget Code 102, Page 13 and Page 14 – Approved National Budget 2022.

Why are you so greedy like this, Mr. President? See what you have budgeted for vulnerable groups and pro-people agencies in Liberia: 1) Group of 77 – US$423,7272) National Commission on Disabilities – US$629,0983) Liberia Albino Society – US$129,9964) Youth Rehabilitation Center – US$1,0005) County Development Fund (Each County) – US$200,0006) National Disaster Management Agency – US$846,3867) National Commission on Higher Education – US$355,0388)Monrovia Vocational Training Center (MVTC) – US$152,879.

Five key facts to consider: 1) The food and entertainment budget of Pres. GWM is more than what each county is receiving for development;2) The budget for Special Presidential Projects is far more than the budget of the National Commission on Higher Education; 3) What we give Pres. GMW for Celebrations and State Visits is far more than what we are giving our largest vocational school in Liberia (MVTC);4) We are spending more money for president Weah to travel locally (Domestic Travel) than we are spending on the Group of 77 and the Youth Rehabilitation Center combined;5) The allowance that we are giving Pres. GMW to travel locally (domestic subsistence allowance) is more than the budget of the National Commission on Disabilities and the Liberia Albino Society combined.

Why are you so greedy and corrupt like this, Mr. President. While our people in West Point, Soniwien, New Kru Town, Clara Town, Logan Town, Doe Community, PHP, Plumcor, Red Light, Duala, etc. are suffering, you are getting rich overnight. Have civil servants taken pay now? What about our people in Rural Liberia? Millions of Liberian youth are still jobless while you alone getting this whopping amount. This is greed on an industrial scale. But I will STOP here. I am going to bed with tears 😭 rolling down my eyes. Fellow Liberians, I mun shullor or I mun continue. Good night to all of you.

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