Liberian Artists That Disappoint Followers/Fans In Current Generation Of Music

In recent years, music in Liberia has taken a great trend and has gotten significant recognition. Today, Liberian songs can be compared to songs from other parts of Africa or the world at large.

Retrospectively, Liberian artists were focused on making koloqua, and these songs were mostly played in Liberia. They sang and rap in a style that only a typical Liberian man could understand and vibe to. By then, there were great hippco voices like Nigga Blow, crafty K, Lucky Bucky, Takun J, John Bricks, Friday the Cellphone Man, and many others. These artists fought well, and put in efforts and resources yet, Liberian songs were still only accepted in Liberia.

Some people might argue that it was because of the lack of accessibility of streaming platforms by Liberian artists at that time while others might blame it on the fact that the koloqua flow was not being understood out there. These reasons might be arguable but not justifiable as songs from other countries like Nigeria and Ghana were sung in their native English jargon, yet these songs crossed borders across Africa and the World and were accepted.

However, Liberian songs are now being accepted across borders even with koloqua flows being planted in them. We can safely reference this success to the birth of Afrobeats; once it’s danceable, it’s acceptable. Afrobeats have taken over the entertainment world massively such that even American artists are tagging into the culture.

These Afrobeats were introduced and saw great Liberian artists taking the trend and bringing great sounds to music lovers in and outside of Liberia. These Artists include Cjay, Jaredo, and Christoph.
But unfortunately, some of these artists have become shadows and ghosted all their fans.


Cjay – Signed to Bilikon Entertainment, Cjay came from nowhere and hit the music scene with beautiful afrobeat songs that brought life to parties in and out of Liberia. Songs like ‘Boss Chick’, ‘Vow’, and ‘Can’t get enough’ were all on the lips of music lovers like the name of Karim Benzema on the lips of Karishma. With those songs being celebrated wildly, his fans expected more from CJay but unfortunately, he butchers the hopes when CEO Lyee Bility gave his Pekin 1 car that can’t be seen anymore.

Jaredo – Signed to SOG Records

Jaredo – Signed to SOG Records, came out as the hope of Liberian music. His style of singing blended with his sense of fashion left many music lovers thrilled by his presence. Being signed to the same record label that brought up CIC from the ghetto, much was expected of Jaredo and from the genesis, he did not disappoint. He brought back-to-back hits and later crowned it with his collabo with Kuami Eugene on a song he titled ‘Ur waist’. Jaredo gave his fans beautiful sounds that could even make his fans call him Prince of Africa, even though he wasn’t born to a King. His career coupled with his fans’ hopes turned to a sinking ship when he left Liberia to reside in Ghana to live a luxurious life. He announced his “Prince of Africa” album when Doe was a boy and till now, UL has put out over 5 graduating classes still the album can’t drop…Lol

Christoph-King of Hipco

Christoph – King Chris as he is wildly known, was once the king of classic hipco songs in Liberia. He rebranded hipco and mixed it with Afrobeats and the result was like a sound from heaven. The name “Christoph” got so big in Liberia that kids who used it got free food from people in their community…Lol. Chris dropped back-to-back hits and was accepted as the King of not only Hipco but Liberian music. Sadly, he got so complacent with the local fame that he cared less to cross borders and enlarge his fame. The king began to sink when he became an addict, he became troublesome, lost focus, and did wayward things that could kill his brand. God’s grace they say is enough. Today, he’s happily married and we’re hoping he gets over his addiction completely and bring back those beautiful sounds.

Other Artists that give hope to Liberia’s music but seem to be disappointing fans due to inconsistencies include Alonzo, Speedo, Bucky Raw, Kobazzie, and many others.

It is hopeful that these artists will make great comebacks and make Liberia smile again. Talent never gets stolen, they still have the talents and only need the focus and support.

By: Sagacious Abraham N. Gorlortor

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