Liberian Lawmaker Wants To Head Police to ‘Make President Weah’s Critic Disappear’

Monrovia – Montserrado County District #7, Representative Solomon Claudius George has advised President Weah to get rid of his critics in order to carry on rapid development in Liberia.

At a town hall meeting in his constituent during the President’s tour, Rep George begged President Weah to appoint him as head of the Liberia National Police to execute his proposal.

“Mr. President, you know me, maybe you want to win Nobel Peace Prize, but as for me I don’t want to win Noble Peace Prize. I want to be police director for just six months or one year, some people will lost,” Rep. George, a long-time friend of President Weah said.

President Weah, accompanied by his cabinet Ministers and some members of the Legislature was on his final tour of the county and made a stop in the lawmaker’s district when the request was made to him and he did not respond.

Representative George further called on President Weah to ban student politics at the University of Liberia. In his request, he accused the Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) of being used by the opposition to create havoc for the President and his government.

 “Mr. President there is a problem with these students of the campus-based Students Unification Party (SUP). They cannot dictate to us how to run a university. If SUP wants to be a political party, put an end to students’ politics so that SUP can come and be a full-fledged political
party…They have been sent by the hyenas that are waiting for the young lions to die before it can eat it. We who are the “foot soldiers” are here to protect you, Mr. President.”

Mr. George has come under staunch criticism for his reckless comments, and has been called to apologize.

His rival, Madam Wadei Powell, a representative aspirant of the district, described the lawmaker’s statement as irresponsible.

“It also showed a high degree of heartlessness, especially at a time in our country where there has been an occurrence of so many mysterious
and unexplained deaths,” she said.

She added that the lawmaker’s call for citizens to be “lost” because he views shows that he is inept to represent the constituent.

“As a lawmaker, he should be the last person making such remarks but, sadly, this form of behavior is the all too familiar trademarked modus operandi of the Representative who is known for making reckless public statements, fist fighting in the Legislature, insulting constituents, particularly women, and anyone, including his own partisans in the CDC, who dare to express a view in opposition to his,” she added.

She continued: “Or perhaps he was subliminally putting in a job application because he knows he is nearing the end of the road as the Montserrado District 7 Representative. Whatever his reasons, Rep. George needs to understand that our system of governance is built on a foundation of democratic principles, therefore dictatorship has absolutely
no place in our governance system and neither does anyone calling for such actions.”

Rep. George, she said, has failed to remember the days when CDC was a part of “opposition” and carried out multiple protests and rallies to correct what it viewed as ails in the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government.

“I urge the members of Legislature to take corrective actions against Rep. George as his behavior does not only reflect badly on him as an individual, but on the entire Legislature, and specifically the House of Representatives.”

The Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) has also termed the lawmaker’s declaration as reckless, and called on him to rescind his statement.

“As an institution whose task is to preach the gospel of righteousness, joy, goodness, goodwill and spiritual wisdom, the LCC says it is appalled that Representative George would express his enthusiasm for president Weah’s leadership in such a disgraceful manner,” LCC said in a statement.

“Representative George touting idea of people disappearing is completely out of touch with the peace and security that Liberians cherish as vital to our democracy.”

The LCC also called on President Weah to publicly distant himself from the lawmaker’s malicious and vicious utterances.

“The Council believes, if not acted upon, such a wild pronouncement from a sitting lawmaker would plunge Liberia into a failed state of war, politically induced killings and the disappearance of politicians and their supporters. This is not the values many people died and sacrificed for over the years and as such, it must be condemned by all Liberians irrespective of your association.”

The Liberia Council of Churches, is therefore, calling on Representative Solomon George to publicly apologize and repent from speaking in a vile and vicious manner, which threatens to collapse the sanity, freedom of expressions and right to choose whomsoever the people wish to lead them.

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