Liberian Rapper Christoph Makes Triumphant Return to Stage

Christopher Nyengga also called Christoph is a rapper and a songwriter who has been seen as the irreplaceable king of the Liberian music genre “Hipco”

The rapper gained prominence after releasing his many hit songs including “Papa God,” “Heaven and Hell,” and Ghana Man, among others.

Until recently the chance of seeing the 30-year-old performing had seemed like a fading possibility.

The Hipco music superstar had been taking some time off the market after being challenged with some personal issues following the demise of his mother in 2020. And since then, the genre Hipco in Liberia has ceased to be visible as a result of his disappearance.

At the time, bloggers had shared the news about the 30-year-old rapper’s misfortune with some saying that he will be out of the market for some time.

Just few years later, it sounds like that time has come, Christoph took the stage for a performance at the famous Seny Club in Paynesville, outside of the nations’ Capital, Monrovia and went on performing many of his hit songs including “Call Me Your Pa,” which led fans describing his performance as an unmatched, adding, they have not seen such an energy brought to the stage in many months.

And all of this is happening after the star tie the knot with his long-time sweetheart in June.

Christoph has always been shown an extraordinary love by many of his followers in the trenches for his rare style and booming voice, using them to convey essential street messages through his musical pen.

It sounds amazing to hear that the rapper’s newest collaboration with Owezzy, titled “No Fronting,” has hit number four on Audiomack In Liberia.

He was a signed artist to a Liberian record label Massive Media Entertainment and currently MEMG Frontman. Since the beginning of his career in 2010, Christoph has been granted several recognitions from the Liberia Entertainment Award LEA.

Although the artist has been away for a little over two years, fans have not stopped streaming and loving his creative works.

The owner of the most streamed song in Liberia, Jzyno, recently took to his official social media handles and welcomed back his musical colleague after several months out of the industry.

“King Chris; welcome back on board big brother. It’s been a very tough movement, we all saw it.

May God help direct your path and strengthen you to make those right decisions as always. Love from my end brabee”

We are also hoping to hear much more from Christoph as he embarks on his journey to get back to his best.

By Odarty Blackie

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