Simeon Freeman Says Liberia’s Problem More than Human and Corruption, Vows Different Approach

MONROVIA – For the past century and several decades Liberians have blamed the underdevelopment of the country to corrupt officials who are elected or appointed at the helm of state power; however, the political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) sees it differently.

Mr. Simeon Freeman, contrary to this belief, is of the opinion that the country’s backwardness cannot be attributed to human or corruption, but mainly approach problem.

According to the MPC political leader, the leadership of this country cannot continue to use the same module of development over time and expect different development outcomes.

Mr. Freeman, while speaking at an intellectual forum in the city of Brewerville, outside Monrovia on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, pledged to change the narratives by bringing different formula to the governance structure by means of utilizing a smaller government and employing new development agenda through agricultural revitalization.

“Liberia’s problem is an approach problem and not human. If we use the same formula we will always be where we are. Liberia will not prosper because you pray to God. If you want God to work for you, you have to make the right decision by bringing on board someone who brings new ideas into governance and that person is Simeon Freeman,” said the MPC leader.

“But like I said, Liberia’s problem is deeper than corruption, it’s our approach. If we continue to have the same style of governance then we are still going to remain at the same point. Let these elections be about you and not about those who influence you. You have to evaluate those of us contesting and make an evaluation. It’s a fundamental mistake in our country to sell ourselves. Give me a chance and there will prosperity in government as it is in my personal life, because I will not exploit you,” he furthered.

He indicated that a Simeon Freeman led administration will fix the spoils and ensure development through agricultural investment, job creation and empowerment initiatives. We have the soil and the best weather and so we must take the advantage to invest in agriculture. This is our agenda; we want to invest in different agricultural products such as sugarcane, cassava, rice and vegetables. There must be a major public policy approach towards agriculture and then together we shall all achieve our developmental goals.”

“All of these I have said and continue to say can only happen if we decide to make a change. We need to change our voting methodology. We should not vote for T-shirt or a few bags of rice; but we must vote for technocrats. To address the drugs issue that we always talk about, especially with the numbers of zogos roaming our streets and communities, there must be transformational programs for those zogos.

There must be a health program for them. I don’t just think that by just passing the law will stop drugs. Another means to address this is by creating employment. I can promise you that when I am elected as President, various hatire centers will look for members because the people will be very busy to sit there,” added Mr. Freeman, who is also the CEO of DStv Liberia.

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