Liberty Party Embattled SG, Martin Kollah Alarms Over Death Threat, Seeks Justice Ministry’s Intervention

The Secretary General of the Opposition Liberty Party Martin Kollah has risen alarm over constant death threats on his life since the “we tayah suffering rally”.

Kollah was the chairperson of the December 17, 2022, “We Tayah Suffering” Rally organized by the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

However, in a complaint written to the Ministry of Justice, Kollah said the threat has become more serious since President George Weah recently stated the government’s position on the ongoing criminal case before the courts involving the formally accused and arraigned Simeon G. Davis who is accused of taking 70,000 United States dollars is false.

Simeon, former driver of Martin Kollah was apprehended while attempting to purchase a Sierra Leonean passport.

In a letter addressed to the Justice Minister, Kollah maintained that the threats toward him have continued, especially after the international arrest of Simeon G. Davis in Sierra Leone.

“The day before the CPP rally money got missing, that was the day I received the second communication. After the rally, the CPP began intense pursuit of Simeon Davis and was gathering information about his means of escape and possible hideout to bring him to justice. During this period and up to the time he was arrested, I received three envelopes containing threats against my life and family,” he narrated in the letter’’ Kollah said.

Kollah who is a Secretary General of the opposition Liberty Party explained that before the rally, two envelopes were dropped at his house with wordings threatening him and his family of death and consequences if he doesn’t desist from the “We Tiyah Suffering” Rally.

The wordings in these two envelopes warn Kollah “stop the foolish rally and leave the rally business, if not you and your family will pay for it”.

“We will come for you; Mr. Man you cannot listen, you join Lewis Brown to target our president, but we will target you and your family” it added.

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