LISGIS Transparency And 2023 Elections

Dismissed Acting Director General, LISGIS-Wilmot Smith

The hitches, and cliches that follow the national head counts in Liberia, led to the firing of several persons, ranging from the Acting Director General of the Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS), Wilmot Smith, and the Deputy Director General for Statistics and Data Processing, Alex M. Williams for corruption.

It also could never kick off on time because some individuals are accusing the counting or census authorities of never counting them, these and more leave too much unsaid as it relates to how much value the 2023 elections will depend on data to update voters roll and do a lot of other things which could aid the very digital electoral process being introduced into the electioneering process of Liberia.

With deep investigation unfolding from very serious and credible sources, Knewsonline has been following several leads and could 40% say to the Liberian population, till date there is, a serious issue, with the head count, and the expected numbers to be announced may be cooked to show work done properly or to even manipulate the elections of 2023.

It can be recalled that the international partners found themselves deeply involved in the defense of LISGIS innocently when the administration, not only deceived the donors after several million had been pumped into the process, with even the firing of the head of LISGIS and others, but investigations into maleficence also yet to have started.

The embarrassment affected even the pronouncement made by President Weah that the counting agency was doing a great job, the acts reached a point where there could be no denial of the terrible acts committed by actors of the agency and government at large.

One source at the LISGIS who spoke with knewsonline fear that if care is not taken, what results to be announced after elections in 2023, will be an outcome of the book cooking of the national census just conducted in Liberia.

The sacking of the heads of LISGIS did not go without spilling by senior officers who spoke on all local shows, damming the process and calling for an audit and investigation into the head count process

A headcount is a mandatory act put in place by the constitution of the republic of Liberia.

This story is trending and shall be followed as the investigation unfolds and bring to light the reality of the census data.

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