LNP Disrobed Officer for Shooting Civilian to Death

The government of Liberia through the Liberia National Police said it has stripped two of its officers for killing an unarmed civilian .

Rufus Fongbe — was shot in the head on June 13, in Kakata City, Margibi County, while escaping like others from the two police officers who had gone into his World Bank Community to effect an armed robber arrest.

Both officers have been disrobed by the LNP authorities — stripping them of police powers and subjecting them to face a disciplinary board whose investigation is necessary to determine whether to criminally charge them for the fatal shooting of Fongbe or acquit them.

 “The Inspector-General of Police, Col. Patrick Sudue immediately directed and the two officers involved in the shooting incident have been disrobed and forwarded to the Professional Standards Division for prompt investigation,” Police spokesman Moses Carter said.  “The LNP administration assures of an impartial investigation in ensuring that anyone who bears the responsibility will face the full weight of the law.”

Carter added that the LNP will not shield any of its officers who are engaged in any unorthodox practices and that it condemns such acts and “will do all in its might to ensure that Justice is served the bereaved family.”

The two officers, according to eyewitnesses, were seen engaging in “tactical” pursuit of community dwellers after claiming that they suspected a criminal linked to an alleged burglary was being harbored in the Community.

In the process, a firearm was discharged leading to the death of Fongbe — a situation which resulted in violent protests against the unlawful use of force by police — ending with the ransacking of the Kakata police station and allegedly looting of properties.

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