Lofa County Drags Bong 3-1, Hits Second County Meet Finals in Three Years

The 2021 National County Meet Winners Lofa County qualified for 2022/2023 National County Sports Meet grand final on Wednesday evening following an entertaining 3-1 win over Bong County at the SKD.

Lofa County recorded its fifth straight win in the competition becoming the only county to do so.
The Wologizzi boys have now scored thirteen goals in five matches the highest in the competition so far.

The Wologizzi Boys are enjoying one of the best County Meet runs in the history of the National County Sports Meet by reaching the grand final for the second time in three years.

Titus Yeah opened the scoring for Bong County in the early minutes but James Tarpeh won a penalty for Lofa County in the twenty-second minute and cleverly converted it to level things for Lofa County.

Jeremiah Johnson held up a beautiful strike from Pewee Robert to put Lofa County ahead in the forty-three minutes before Titus Yeah was sent off by central referee Abraham Kamara for hitting Jeremiah Johnson in his face.

After the first-half break, Lawrence Kumeh extends Lofa County’s lead to three after beating goalkeeper Exodus Fejue in the Sixty-nine minutes of play.

Lofa County will have to climb Nimba Mountain on Sunday to be Crow champions for the second time in the history of the competition.

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