LPRC Oilers Defeats Bitter Rival NPA Pythons 72-69 points

By: Edwin Barttaforyen

The Liberia Basketball Association 2022 league season’s second phase has begun at the famous open-air sports commission on Buchanan Street in Monrovia.

A breath taking showpiece at the Open Air Sports Commission on Sunday saw Sensational LPRC Oilers beat Bitter rival NPA Pythons 72-69 points but had to play in extra time to get a better hand of their opponent in a very tight contests.

The match was a breathtaking showpiece that kept spectators on their heels throughout the four quarters and extra time.

There are eight teams in phase two of the 2022 LBA league season.

They are expected to play each other in an all-play-all format, one round.

As earlier reported, the ASG went back on a home and away round-robin after considerations regarding technical and logistical issues.

The top four at the end of phase two are expected to meet in the 1v4 and 2v3 semi-finals of best of three-match series.

The Pythons took an early lead in the first quarter which evaporated by halftime and Oiler went to the break leading by a bucket.

The beginning of the third quarter saw some costly turnovers from the Pythons which led to an 8-0 run by the Oilers.

Pythons began the fourth quarter down by five points, Rufus Morris of Pythons became the catalyst that led their attack early in the fourth round dishing out sensational no-look passes which had the crowd going wild.

Pythons ran a quick early offense and within just two minutes of play, LPRC Oilers were already in the penalty.

Pythons took a quick two points to lead but players such as Samuel Davidson and Samuel Kpannie kept piling pressure on the Python defense.

Both scored 16 points apiece.

Although Pythons outscored their opponents 16-8 in the fourth it was only enough to send the game into overtime but was outscored 13-10 giving the Oilers the much-needed victory.

Joel Martin and John Williams Jr scored 19 and 22 points respectively for their side in the loss.

Another notable performer of the night was Mohammed Ahmed of LPRC, he had 10pts to go along with six assists while Rufus Morris of NPA also showed some shake & bake, contributing 8pts, 5AST.

His performance speaks volumes about being a starter on this team.

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