Mama Liberia Tags His Nomination for the Liberia Firm Awards As ‘Criminal Act’

“Nominating me without my consent and asking people to vote me, I see that as criminals act.” – Mama Liberia

PAYNESVILLE – With just a day to the highly anticipated Liberia Firm Award ceremony, Comedian Abass Conde, alias Mama Liberia has condemned the organizers for not informing him that he has been nominated in one of the award categories- the best comedy of the year.

On Friday, June 16, 2023, Mama Liberia wrote:

“Our big big people for Entertainment in Liberia doesn’t respect we the Liberian Entertainers here that’s why we will keep dragging around one circle.


How can you nominate me without you writing me about me being nominated in one of your categories and putting my picture up posting it asking people to vote me with their hard-earned money?

I don’t know anything about this Award and I see this as disrespect to my game for doing such without my concerns.

Your be showing other people outside the country respect and disrespect us like we’re begging for awards.

Nominating me without my consent and asking people to vote me, I see that as criminals act.

I’m not begging or asking anyone for nomination. If my works deserve it, let do it in the rightful manner.”

He did this post on his official ‘Mama Liberia’ Facebook page after realizing he was nominated by the Liberia Firm Awards team. Why now, just a day before the awards night? The awards team posted the nomination photos on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. Is it that comedian Abass didn’t see the post or hear of the nomination until the dying minute? What baffles me most is why he didn’t turn down the nomination upon realizing he was nominated for an award show without his knowledge? His post didn’t indicate anything like he not being interested in the nomination since he calls it a criminal act.

Meanwhile, the trend of nominated people or using celebrities’ pictures on event promotional flyers without their knowledge has become a culture in Liberia entertainment industry. That doesn’t only show disrespect to the celebrity involved, but it also shows disrespect to the fans that are being used in the quest of supporting their star that isn’t even aware of what they’re being supported for.

Some months ago, same situation sparked a problem in the industry with MC Caro and other Liberian artists refusing to turn out for an event that brought Kizz Daniel to Liberia. Some of these artists complained on not being informed while others complained on not being prepaid based on negotiation. The Saga left Kizz Daniel in an empty ATS Stadium with 10s of people to perform for which led to him leaving the country with heavy heart.

Looking back at the case of Mama Liberia nomination Saga, fans are using their hard-earned money to cast their votes for the comedian, now that he has come out to say that his nomination was a criminal act by the awards team, what happens next? Should the fans stop voting?

What if he wins the category tomorrow, will he turn down the awards? This is an issue that undermines the credibility of the award show and clearly, the organizers will be blamed if truly they didn’t consult the nominees before putting their pictures up for voting. It is Comedian Abass flagging his side, there might be other nominees that don’t even know they were nominated. How then can they encourage their fans/followers to vote them?

Communication is key in every process, event planners and award show hosts should step-up their games and do every necessary communication with people they are involving in their events. That way, everyone can be fully part of the process.

By Sagacious Abraham N. Gorlortor

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