Man, 30, Charged in Court for Allegedly Killing Girlfriend Over Sexual Refusal

MONROVIA – Abraham Wesseh, a 30-year-old man, has been arrested, charged, and presented before the Monrovia City Court for the alleged murder of his girlfriend, who reportedly refused his sexual advances.

Wesseh, the defendant, was taken into custody, informed of his Miranda rights, and subjected to a thorough investigation. Subsequently, he was charged with first-degree murder, a non-bailable offense under Liberian law, along with aggravated assault.

During the preliminary police inquiry, evidence emerged that Abraham Wesseh, residing in the Peace Island Community, engaged in a fatal altercation with his girlfriend, Irene B. Johnson, on July 22. The confrontation arose when Wesseh visited Johnson’s residence and her for sexual intercourse. Johnson declined, insisting that certain conditions be met, such as meeting her parents and paying her dowry, before any sexual activity could take place.

According to police reports, Johnson’s refusal incited the anger of Wesseh, prompting him to pursue her after she left her apartment to find alternate accommodations for the night. Frustrated by her resistance to his desires, Wesseh followed her and proceeded to stab her in the abdomen before attempting to end his own life.

Both Abraham Wesseh and Irene B. Johnson sustained injuries from the incident and were promptly transported to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital for medical treatment. Tragically, Irene B. Johnson succumbed to her injuries on July 24, just two days following the altercation.

Police investigations added that Wesseh and Johnson were romantically involved, having been in a relationship for over three years. The incident occurred after Johnson relocated to a different area, where the confrontation and subsequent stabbing took place.

Following his recovery at JFK Hospital, Abraham Wesseh was taken into custody, formally investigated, and charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault. The charges stem from his intentional and knowing act of stabbing Irene B. Johnson with a knife in her abdominal area, constituting a violation of Sections 14.1 and 14.20 of the Revised Penal Code Law of Liberia, Chapter 14.

As legal proceedings unfold, Wesseh has been remanded to the Monrovia Central Prison, where he will remain until the commencement of his trial.

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