Man, 45yr-Old Kills his Wife for Bush Meat in Bong County

Police in Gbarnga, Bong County have charged and sent to court, 45-year-old Hamilton Flomo for killing his wife (Marie Singbeh ) for bush meat in Tassah town Kpaai District. 

The situation reportedly occurred on Thursday, October 7 at about 2:00 PM local time. 

Explaining the situation to police in Bong County, Suspect Hamilton Flomo said he and his late wife, Marie Singbeh had gone on their farm after his trap caught a grass cutter (cane rat). He advised her that some of the meat be sold to get rice but his wife Marie Singbeh refused. 

Hamilton added that he left his wife on the farm and went to negotiate the sale of the meat, but upon his return, his wife hide the meat- a situation that brought bitter exchanges between them resulting in a fistfight. 

He alleged that his wife threatened to kill him with a cutlass and in self-defense, he hit her with a stick on her head resulting in her death.

After committing the act, Hamilton ran into the bush and threatened to harm anyone who will expose his doing. 

However, contrary to claims that he used a stick in her death, it was later established by a 15-men juror suspect that Flomo wasted acid on his wife before chopping her with a cutlass on the head.

He is a rubber tapper. 

Meanwhile, Hamilton Flomo has been charged with murder and sent to the 9th judiciary circuit court in Gbarnga, according to a police charge sheet in possession with k-news. 

By: AIbert M. Fania- Bong County Correspondent

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