Man, 49, Allegedly Kills Wife For Cooking Cassava Leaf Soup He Didn’t Request For

CROZIERVILLE – Tragedy struck on Saturday night as a 49-year-old man, Samuel Yanqae Porte, reportedly brutally murdered his 40-year-old wife, Sarah Y. Morris, allegedly due to a dispute over dinner.

According to accounts from the victim’s mother, Ma Musu Cox, and other family sources, the confrontation unfolded late that night when the victim went outside to attend to a personal matter. To her shock, she encountered her husband, Samuel Yanqae Porte, who viciously attacked her with a cutlass and chopped her multiple times on her head, neck, and various parts of her body.
This horrifying incident took place at their residence on Porte Hill, located in Crozierville, Lower Montserrado County.

mother of the Deceased Ma Musu Cox

Ma Musu Cox, the mother of the deceased, disclosed that the dispute began earlier that day when her daughter informed her that her husband had destroyed her business materials in anger because she had prepared cassava leaf soup, a meal he reportedly did not like.
“My daughter asked me to accompany her outside, and unfortunately, we found her husband standing there with a machete in his hand, looking like a soldier. He rushed at my daughter and started attacking her, inflicting multiple injuries to her neck and other parts of her body,” narrated Ma Musu Cox.

She further explained that the assailant had angrily informed them earlier in the day that he wouldn’t be spending the night at their home and had made unspecified threats before leaving. Therefore, the family was shocked when he returned to commit the violent act, contrary to his earlier statement.

Ma Musu Cox also expressed her profound grief over the loss of her only child, describing it as a devastating tragedy. The victim, Sarah Y. Morris, had attended the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) before dropping out.
In response to the gruesome incident, Sarah’s mother has made an emotional plea to the Liberia National Police and the Ministry of Justice, calling for justice to be served. She emphasized the importance of justice being done for all parties involved.
This tragic situation has not only impacted the victim but has also affected her daughter and Ma Musu, the victim’s mother, both of whom were reportedly injured in the attack.

Samuel Yanqae Porte

It has come to light that the perpetrator, Samuel Yanqae Porte, has resided in Crozierville for over four decades. According to Alonso Sackei, an elderly resident in the Porte Hill Community, Porte has been previously accused of various crimes, including murder and rape.
While Porte had faced these allegations in the past, he had managed to clear his name and return to the community. Other community members alleged that he had committed acts of rape and had been involved in the murder of another elderly man in the community, emphasizing the need for police intervention.

By: Daniel Theo Cole

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