Man Accidentally Chops off his Testicles while dreaming about cutting Meat

From Dream to Reality: A Ghanaian farmer Kofi Atta, 47 has undergone surgery after he cut off his own genitals while cutting meat in his sleep.

A Ghanaian farmer has been rushed to hospital for surgery after accidentally cutting off his own testicles while sleeping.

According to report, Kofi Atta, 47, also known as Wofa Atta, dozed off in an armchair and said he managed to pick up a knife while sleeping and dreaming about cutting meat.

In his sleep, Atta said he mistakenly cut his testicle.

Still in a dream-like state, the report added that the farmer from Assin Akomfede called for two neighbors who rushed to his house and found him alone, covered in blood.

Still in a dream-like state, Atta was rushed to St Francis Xavier Hospital in Assin Akomfede by his neighbors who found him alone in his house covered in blood.

He was rushed to St Francis Xavier Hospital in Assin Fosu.

Speaking to BBC Pidgin he said: “I was sitting in my chair when I dozed off. In my sleep, I dreamt that I was cutting some meat in front of me.

“I don’t remember how I picked up the knife, even I am confused.”

He explained that he was still unsure of what had happened when his neighbors arrived, although he stood up and felt a sharp pain in his genitals.

 Perhaps as a result of the loss of blood, Kofi only came out of the dream state when in hospital. That’s when he realized he hadn’t been chopping meat for a family meal, but rather his own testicles.

The victim’s wife, Adwoa Konadu, disclosed that the latest incident is not the first time her husband has carried out such activity while sleeping.

 She said that he frequently moves, converses, and occasionally fights while he is asleep. It was during one of such episodes that Wofa Atta ended up damaging his genitals.

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